Friday, August 20, 2010

Yes please daddy!

Fucked hard

Damn my ass is still sore as I write this. Cruised DaddyHunt late last night and found a hot daddy with kinda a belly but big arms and big chest. Scruff, too. The best. He was in Baltimore so I had to haul my ass up there to get plowed, but it was worth it.

We made out for a long time and then had me suck his cock and balls-- they were really hairy and I ended up getting some hairs in my mouth, but I was in heaven. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it down. He'd told me that he could go multiple times so he ate my ass while he got hard again. He fingered me while he did and soon had three fingers up there, which felt like a lot.

He had his pants on the whole time and had only dropped them a bit for the BJ. I tried to get them off but he said he liked the way they felt when he fucked. OK???

He ended up fucking my doggy style for about an hour, taking the condom off and making me suck his dick in between getting plowed. Fuck it felt great! If I had to guess he was older than 50, probably on roids and clearly on viagra. When he was ready to cum he plowed hard and deep and kept yelling out that I was a dirty cunt a fucking dirty cunt and then came and I came short after with his dick still in me.

Then he pulled the condom off and made me clean his dick and kept rubbing my head and telling me I reminded him of his nephew. He went out to smoke (DOES EVERY DADDY SMOKE OR WHAT?!) and I hit the bathroom, and when he came back in he wanted me to ride him.

Today, my ass is SORE.